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Best Love Songs Ever

Top 100 Greatest Love Songs of All Time

Now playing the best love songs ever. We have carefully selected all of them. Top 100 love songs all time by Etta James, Nat King Cole, Loretta Lynn, Elvis Presley, Shirley Bassey, John Denver, Gloria Gaynor, Frank Sinatra an much more legend love songs singer.

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USA Top 10 of 2015 (October)

  1. The Weeknd

    The Hills

  2. Hotline Bling


  3. What Do You Mean?

    Justin Bieber

  4. 679

    Fetty Wap Featuring Remy Boyz

  5. Stitches

    Shawn Mendes

  6. Wildest Dreams

    Taylor Swift

  7. Can't Feel My Face

    The Weeknd

  8. Locked Away

    R. City Featuring Adam Levine

  9. Watch Me


  10. Good For You

    Selena Gomez Feat. A$AP Rocky

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